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the purpose of this site is of pure informative nature and not to benefit from it financially.

Please notice that we work exclusively for government institutions (incl.military), banks and insurance underwriters outside of the EU.

Our work consists of advising, consulting and providing top notch security solutions which really work.

If necessary we also design specialised equipment or tools based on special requirements to provide you with technology and analysis in high risk areas to get the job done.

Our work and projects are limited to Government Institutions (incl. Military), Insurance Underwriters, Banks, but also Testing Labs, and R&D in join venture projects at specific Institutes and Universities all over the world.

As you can see we are no longer just specialised in physical security like Safes & Vaults. In addition have enlarged our spectrum of security solutions over the last 12 years to Electronic Security incl. Surveillance/counter Surveillance, RC Jamming/anti jamming, and counter EAS jamming.

In case you are only interested in Safe&Vault related physical security, please visit our site:

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