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Based on recent developments and the increase usage of RC IEDs (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices) by terrorists, we have successful designed and built ANTI-RC-IED Jammers which can prevent the RF signals in the 300s,400s and 800s MhZ range to reach its target to trigger the explosive.

The frequencies of Mobile Phone signals is used most of the time, but over the last few years we saw more and more Car Remote operated frequencies used all over the world. Those are very sophisticated and well designed and require a good amount of knowledge and are of course much harder to detect.

Mobile phone triggered IEDs are well known to most experts in the field and there are several methods available to prevent the signal to reach the target. In the worse case mobile phone antennas can be switched of over some time or specific areas.

Industrial available devices cant rally do the job anymore, therefor we made the decision to built our own based on military jamming principles which really work and get the job done.

We have also made several custom made RF car jammer designs over the last few years which can overlap, disfunction, disturb, destroy or manipulate the transmitting source and/or the receiver. Those are powerful handheld devices which can based on requirements easily jam all remote key frequencies in a radius of up to 1km if necessary.

The devices I designed work on military jamming principles and cant be compared with commercially available jamming devices.

Our designs are NOT available for sale, once they are successfully tested they are offered to government institutions ONLY !

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